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Being a leader in world finance, Singapore is similar to other corporate cities. Public transit makes for easy commuting, and high density along with limited land creates a need for high rise buildings. Due to the nature of world financing, its populations is compromised of a wide variety of races, creating a tolerant atmosphere. With its Chinatown, Little India, and the colonial remnants of structures like the Raffles Hotel and modern double-decker buses, Singapore is a diverse and pulsating environment. For the expat placed there or choosing to live there for study or work, find a place is essential, but can also post some challenges. A good faith deposit is the custom for renting an apartment, equivalent to one months rent. Upon finalization of the contract, this will be transferred to the security deposit, which is typically equal to one months rent, per a year of the lease. There is also an advance rent fee of one month. Utilities are the tenants responsibilities, and most of them will require deposits as well. If the apartment is furnished then the rate of monthly rent will have it calculated in. The last fee is known as the Stamp Duty, which is the official seal of the government which gives the contract authenticity. If an agent was used to locate the apartment, they will charge a fee equivalent to half of a months rent. Click on Meyer Mansion Meyer Road

With a furnished or unfurnished apartment, refrigerators, washers, and dryers are often included. Stove tops are often LPG or of the tanked gas variety, and are included in most apartments. Other than apartments, there are condos and houses, but houses fetch a large price due to the land restriction in Singapore. Some of the nice neighborhoods that expatriates recommend are Newton, Robertson Quay, and River Valley. Bunky Malone is an editor and writer living in Tokyo, Japan. He dreams of living of traveling and living around the world.